YOUtopia | Dare to dream
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Dare to dream

Dreaming about a utopian society is of all times. 500 years ago, Thomas More spread his personal idea about a utopian society with the printing press. His book Utopia is still relevant, but it is clearly a onemansvision. Dreams about a utopian society belong to the people. These dreams live in our collective city heart. The heart that provides society with oxygen. For living together is not an easy assignment, but a true art.


How do you, other citizens and organisations of Leuven feel living together becomes a true art? Join us from the 24th of September 2016 until April 2018 in the search for YOUtopia and help to build an ideal Leuven. YOUtopia surprises with diverse manifestations and experiences, by connecting, building bridges and sparking conversation. This new dynamic makes the city heart beat faster and provides society with oxygen.


Together we search for the city dream and experience the art of living together. Will you join us?


(Photography: Jason White)